How to Export Your Results

You’re able to export your project as a PDF or one of three spreadsheet types.

Export your results as a PDF

  1. Select a project
  2. Go to the Results section
  3. Enter the ‘Print’ tab in the left sidebar
  4. Click ‘Print/PDF’ (this will open a preview of your PDF)
  5. Click 'Print' (this will open your system files)
  6. Give your PDF a title
  7. Click 'Save'
  • Open: Opens your project as a PDF in a new tab
  • Save: Store the PDF in your personal documents.
  • Cancel: This option will void your current action, and close the pop-up.

Export your results as a Spreadsheet

  1. Create a Survey, Form, or Quiz
  2. Click the ‘Export PDF / Spreadsheet’ tab in the sidebar
  3. Choose a spreadsheet
  4. You will be presented with a pop-up, containing the options to ‘Open’, ‘Save’, or ‘Cancel’

There three spreadsheet options you have are:

  • Full-Text Spreadsheet: Includes text concerning all questions and answer options.
  • Numeric Spreadsheet: Includes question text, and text responses, but answer options are translated into numerical units.
  • Quiz Score Spreadsheet: Includes list of questions, answers/ points, personal information (if collected) for each respondent. Note: This spreadsheet is only available for quiz results.

IMPORTANT: Your data/ scores will not appear in the Excel documents until you click ‘Enable Editing’. You should be prompted by Excel to activate this as soon as the file has been opened.

Note: You're also able to Print your Results