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The Main Menu can be accessed by clicking the icon in the top left of the site. It will always be accessible, regardless of what stage of project building you’ve reached or what page you’re on. The Menu consists of six navigation elements:


This option will take you to your list of projects. From here you can navigate between:

  • Recent: All your projects listed chronologically
  • Surveys: List of all your surveys
  • Quizzes: List of all your quizzes
  • Forms: List of all your Forms
  • Polls: List of all your Polls
  • Deleted: List of all your deleted projects
  • Shared: List of projects that have been shared with you/ you are a collaborator on

Address Book

Your Address Book stores all your email contacts in preparation for the Email Invitations distribution method for your project.

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Use this option to access your account information, and upgrade your subscription package. You can find out more about the Account (Subscription) Packages here.


Get help in using the site, building projects, and using specific elements in the building process.

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