Suspending Mail Privileges

We monitor all email invitations created on the site to ensure they align with the industry standards for bounce and abuse rates. If your average bounce/ abuse rates exceed that of the industry standards, we retain the right to suspend your mail privileges.

Emails pending approval

When attempting to send an email invitation, you may notice that it has been marked for manual review. We'll endeavor to review your campaign as quickly as possible, but we may need to contact you for more information before it is approved.

Your campaign may be marked for review for a few reasons:

  • This is your first email campaign to a larger contact list.
  • The message was flagged as spam by our system.
  • The unsubscribe link had been tampered with in some form. 

Cleaning your email list

As we mentioned above, exceeding the averages for bounce and abuse rates will lead to your mail privileges being suspended. To avoid this, we recommend cleaning your email list regularly to ensure that these contacts are removed. The onus is on users to clean email lists before uploading them to the site. If your very first email campaign exceeds the bounce and abuse averages, more consideration will be put into whether mail privileges will be restored to your account.

  • Hard Bounces: Hard bounces are permanent in nature. They're usually caused by invalid email addresses or servers that have blocked our domain. You can view bounced contacts in the report of any email campaign or by filtering by hard bounces in contacts.
  • Abuse Reports: Your abuse rate is calculated by the number of recipients who mark your emails as spam. You can view the abuse rate for your individual campaigns in your email reports.