Preview Emails on Desktop

You can both edit and preview emails in the Desktop and Mobile view whilst in the email builder.

Previewing in desktop and mobile mode

To see a preview of your email content in the Desktop or Mobile view, click the eye icon in the bottom right of the email builder.

This will generate a preview, where you can seamlessly switch between Desktop and Mobile views.

Desktop preview

Mobile preview

Edit emails in Desktop and Mobile views

You can also edit your emails in mobile and desktop mode. By default, you will be taken to the Desktop editor when editing your email content.

Switch to Mobile Editor

To switch to the mobile editor, click the mobile icon in the bottom right.

Or you can select any block in your email and then switch to the Mobile tab in the left slideout.

This will take you to the mobile options for that block and switch your editor to the mobile mode.

Switch back to the desktop editor

To switch back to the desktop editor, just select the desktop icon in the bottom right or click a block and switch to the Desktop tab in the left slideout.