About Contact Profile Pages

Each of your contacts has an individual profile that contains all available data about a person. You're also able to:

  • Edit their information
  • Change the Groups they are a part of
  • View their activity
  • Delete their profile

Finding a contact's profile

You can access profiles by clicking an email address in your Contact List. You can use the search tool to locate individual contacts or employ filters to narrow your list down.

To find a contact profile:

  1. Go to Contacts
  2. Use the search bar to find a contact or go to groups
  3. Click an email address in your list

From here you can view and [edit contact information].

Contact information

Information Description
Profile picture If your contact uses Gravatar, we'll display their profile picture.
Subscribed on The date that the contact subscribed or was added to your list.
Subscribed via The method by which this contact was added to your list: Add manually, Imported, API, or Webform.
Location Your contact's location.

From this section, you can unsubscribe a contact from any of your lists or select the Action button to delete them.

Contact data

Below the contact information, you'll find an overview of the total emails sent to a contact and their average open and click rates.


You can also view the Groups that this contact belongs to and even add and remove them from groups.

Add or remove contacts from groups

Contact details

You can find all of your contact's details below the groups section.

If you select Edit, you can add or edit their details.

To edit information, just click any fields and change the information. Then hit Save.

Activity feed

The activity feed displays a timeline of events related to a contact.