Survey Button

By default, a survey button will be included in your email when you first visit the email builder.

If you delete this whilst editing, you can easily add it back via the Blocks menu.

How to add a survey button to your email

  1. Click Blocks in the left sidebar
  2. Click and hold the left mouse button on the survey button block
  3. Drag the block into your email
  4. When you see a bold blue line, let go of the left mouse button

This will place the survey button back into your email.

Survey button settings

When you click the survey button in the email builder, the settings for this block will appear in the left sidebar.


  • Text: Click the button text to edit and change what is displayed.
  • URL: Change the URL for the click destination (this is automatically set to your survey URL custom field).

Button options

  • Target: Choose to open the link in the same tab or a new tab.
  • Text color: Change the text color for the survey button.
  • Background color: Change the background color of the button.
  • Auto width (enabled by default): Disabling this will stretch the button to fill the block padding. You will then have access to a slider that allows you to manually adjust what percentage of the block padding is filled by the button.
  • Alignment: Change the alignment of the button inside the block (left, centre, right, and justify).


  • Line height: Increase and decrease the space between lines of text.
  • Padding: Change the padding of the button itself (enable More Options to change top, bottom, side padding individually).
  • Border: Add a border around the button. Use the dropdown to switch between solid, dotted, and dashed. Use the + and - icons (or enter a number) to set the width of the border. Click the color box to change the color of the border. (Enable More Options to edit the top, bottom, side borders individually.)
  • Rounded border: Use the + icon (or enter a number) to create rounded corners for your button. (Enable More Options to edit the top, bottom, side border roundness individually.)


  • Container padding: Change the amount of padding around the button but inside the block (enable More Options to change top, bottom, side padding individually).

Responsive design

  • Hide on desktop (only shown when in the desktop view editor): Hides the block when a contact is viewing on a desktop.
  • Hide on mobile (only shown when in the mobile view editor): Hides the block when a contact is viewing on a mobile device.