Global Colors and Formatting for Emails

Global colors and formatting are predefined settings that are applied to all rows, blocks, and content within your email. There will be defaults set for all of these, but customizing them is quick and easy.

Any colors or formatting you apply directly to rows, blocks, or content in your email will override the global settings.

How to change global settings

To change the default global colors and formatting, just click Body in the left sidebar of the email designer.

Available global settings

Here you will find global settings for the following:


  • Text color: Format the color of all text in your email.
  • Background color: Change the background color of your email.
  • Content width: Set the width for all content in your email.
  • Content alignment: Align all content in your email (to the left, centre, right, or justify).
  • Font family: Select a font to apply to all text in your email.

Email settings

  • Preheader text: Set text that appears below your subject line in contact inboxes.


  • Color: Set a color that's applied to all links in your email.
  • Underline: Links are underlined when this feature is enabled.