How to Align Content in Emails

You can align all content in your email using the global settings or align individual blocks of content in your email. But the options for each are different.

Align all content in your email

When aligning all content in your email, you will only have two options: left align and centre.

To align all content for your email:

  1. Click Body in the left sidebar
  2. From the Content Alignment section, select either Left Align or Centre.

By default, your content will be centred.

Align All Email Content

Align content for individual content blocks

When aligning individual content blocks in emails, you have the following options:

  • Left align
  • Right align
  • Centre
  • Justify

To align content in a block:

  1. Click the content block you want to align
  2. Locate the Alignment option (the location of which varies depending on what content block is being used)
  3. Select an alignment option