Divider Content Block

The Divider content block adds a visual break or separator between other sections of content in your email. The blocks can only be displayed horizontally, so cannot be used to separate two columns.

Insert a Divider

To add a divider to your email:

  1. Click the Content tab in the left sidebar
  2. Click and drag the Divider content block into your email

Now you'll see a grey line between content blocks in your email.

Customize Dividers

To customize the way your divider is displayed, click the Divider block to open the options slideout.

From here, you can edit the following settings:

Width: Use the slider to adjust the width of the divider.

Line: USe the dropdown to switch between solid, dotted, and dashed dividers. Use the + and - icons to increase the height of the divider line. Set a Divider color using the color box available.

Align: Align your divider to the left, right, centre, or justify.

Container Padding: Change the amount of padding around the divider but inside the block (enable More Options to change top, bottom, side padding individually).

Hide on Desktop (only shown when in the desktop view editor): Hides the block when a contact is viewing on a desktop.

Hide on Mobile (only shown when in the mobile view editor): Hides the block when a contact is viewing on a mobile device.