Heading Content Block

The Heading content block allows you to add a customizable heading into your email body. Apply different sizes, fonts, and colors to your headings to fully customize their design.

In this article, you'll learn how to add and customize Heading blocks.

Insert a heading block

To add a Heading block to your emails:

  1. Click the Content tab in the left sidebar
  2. Click and drag the Heading block into your layout
  3. Click the Heading block to edit the text
    If you paste in text from an external source, ensure you paste as plain text to avoid any extra formatting or styling from being added.

Edit styles and settings

When you click the Heading block in the email builder, the settings slideout


  • Heading Type: Set a heading style (H1, H2, H3, or H4).
  • Font Family: Use the dropdown to set a font for your heading.
  • Font Size: Use the + and - icons (or enter a number) to set a font size for your heading.
  • Color: Set a color for your heading.
  • Text Align: Align your heading inside the block (left, right, centre, or justify).


  • Inherit Body Styles: Disable this button customize link included in the Heading block.


  • Container padding: Change the padding inside the block, around the Heading (enable More Options to change top, bottom, side padding individually).

Responsive design

  • Hide on desktop (only shown when in the desktop view editor): Hides the block when a contact is viewing on a desktop.
  • Hide on mobile (only shown when in the mobile view editor): Hides the block when a contact is viewing on a mobile device.