How to Build a Formula

Once you've added questions to your calculator, you can start building a formula. To make this as clear as possible we'll build an formula based on an example of a pricing quote calculator.

To create a calculator formula, you must first navigate to your results and select "Add New Result": Build Formulas For Web Calculators

Pro Tip: You can add new results via the Calculator Results exit page or the Section Results.

1. Formula Setup

After you've clicked "Add New Result", a popup dialogue will appear where you can give name and description to your formula.

How To Create A Calculator Formula

  • Heading: Text in this field will act as the title for the results section. For our example, this will be "Total Cost".
  • Description: A field for you to add additional information regarding the results. For our example, this will read "Totals may differ from final quote dependant on tax".
  • Image: Import an image to display alongside this result, e.g. a logo.
  • CTA/ Button: Add a button below this result to send those who click it to an external URL, e.g. your website.

2. Create a new formula

To find the formula builder, click the + icon at the top of the popup: Create A Formula

The formula builder will then appear:

Simple Formula Builder

We recommend giving your formula a unique name, so you can easily identify it when choosing which results to show:

Name Your Formula

By default, all questions that can be used in your formula will be present.

To add questions into your formula, you can drag and drop them in from the Question data section on the left:

Drag And Drop Formula Creator

In our example Price Quote Calculator, we have two questions:

  1. What plan are you interested in subscribing to?
  2. How many seats would you like to add to your subscription?

So, for the purposes of this example we want to add the cost of the subscription and the cost of individual seats up.

Our first question is a multiple-choice, where value can be assigned to individual answers:

Give Values To Calculator Questions

Our second question is a slider, where the values are set as the numbers along that slider (e.g. 0-10).

Slider Calculator Questions

So, we need to define the cost of the "seats" in our formula. Let's say we want to price it at $50 per seat, we'd build this formula: Q_????+(Q????*50)

Calculate Values With Custom Formulas

Make sure to hit "Save Changes".

Pro Tip: You'll also see above that if you add test values into the corresponding fields on the left, we'll calculate a test results for you at the bottom of the formula builder.