Calculator Question Types

When creating a calculator, you can use a wide range of question types as part of your formula.

Here's a full list of those question types:

Numeric question types:

The below question types all accept numeric values.


Respondents can input a decimal value.

Decimal Calculator Question

Integer/ Whole number

Respondents can input a whole number.Integer Calculator Question


Respondents can input age as a value.

Age Calculator Quesiton


Respondents can input monetary values.Currency Calculator Quesiton

The currency symbol can be manually selected or set to auto-detect.

You can also allow decimal values to be input:

Currency Decimal Calculator Question

Standard question types

We'll provide a list of all other question types that can be used with the calculator below. For more information on these question types, take a look at our list of all question types.

  • Multiple-choice (Single-select)
  • Multiple-choice (Multi-select)
  • Opinion scale
  • Slider
  • Binary Yes/No
  • Net Promoter Score
  • Star rating
  • Dropdown list
  • Multi-select dropdown list

Multi-factor question types

  • Matrix (common scale)
  • Multi-factor slider
  • Multi-factor scale

Picture Choice question types

  • Picture Choice (Single-Select)
  • Picture Choice (Multi-Select)