Conditional Messages in Calculator Results

This feature allows you to show customized messages based on a respondent's result. The message that shows is controlled by conditional parameters set by you.

For example, if a sales team member submits quarterly sales in higher than the previous quarter they would receive a "Congratulations, you're a sales maestro!" messages. Whereas if they fail to meet last quarter's sales, they would receive a different message; "We've still got some work to do."

Let's get into the steps of setting up conditional messages.

How to add conditional messages

To add conditional messaging, you must start by clicking one of your results to open its settings.

Then click the toggle labelled "Conditional messages" above the heading.

You'll always start with a single condition by default.

You can then use the Condition Parameters to set when this message triggers.

In our example calculator, we're comparing sales volume from the current quarter to the same quarter of the previous year. There are three messages that we want to show based on the returned result:

  • Where the percentage of sales is higher
  • Where the percentage of sales is the same
  • Where the percentage of sales is lower

Select an operator and add a value

So, lets get started with that first message. We want this to show when the sales value from this quarter has grown compared to the last quarter.

Click the first Operator field and select the relevant operator:

As we're displaying this as a percentage, we're only concerned with showing this message for any value greater than 0. So, we'll select the greater than (>) operator and enter 0 into the value field.

We also have the option to set another condition, but in this case we only need to show this message for any value greater than 0. So, for the second condition we can set the operator to N/A.

Add your message text

Then you'll add the heading for the message (which appears above the result) and a description (which appears below the result).

Adding another conditional message

Now we want to add the conditions for the other two messages we want to appear.

To add a new message, click the + icon next to your first conditional message:

Then choose between creating a new blank condition or duplicating an existing one.

Then simply follow the above steps to create additional messages that appear according to differing conditions.

In the case of our example, we need two more conditions.

One to show when the sales volume is the same as the previous quarter, in which case the conditions would be ==0:

And then finally, a message to display when the sales volume is lower than the previous quarter, where the condition would be <0.