Results in Calculators

There are two ways you can display results when creating a calculator:

  • Show results after submission
  • Show results side-by-side with the calculator

Show Results After Submission

By default the exit page of your calculator will be set to display the results.

Show Calculator Results After SubmissionHowever, if you choose to show results side-by-side with the calculator, you could switch your exit page to show a custom message or even redirect people to an external URL.

To do this, simply navigate to the results page and then use the Exit Page Type drop down to switch it.

Show Results Side-By-Side with the Calculator

To display your results right next to your calculator, simply click the calculator button ion the top right of the builder:

Display Calculator Results Button

Then select Add Results For Section.

Show Results Side-By-Side With Your CalculatorYou'll then need to select a results to display.

Add Results To Side-By-Side CalculatorIf you haven't created any formulas yet, you'll need to do so for a result to be displayed.

Help: Learn how to build a formula for your own calculator.

Once you have a formula up and running, you results will be displayed alongside your calculator.

Add Formula To Side-By-Side Calculator Results