Embed Calculators On Your Website

Just like with surveys, quizzes, and forms, you're able to embed calculators on your website. Embedded calculators will appear along side all other content on your page.

You can customise the colours of your theme to match your website, so the calculator doesn't stick out.

How to embed calculators on your website

Once you've created a calculator, you'll have a range of options for sharing your calculator.

1. Go to the Send section of your calculator

Here you'll find all the ways you can distribute your calculator.

Send Section Of Online Calcualtors

2. Navigate to the embed option

Click Embed in the left sidebar or scroll down to the Inline Embed section. Embed Option For Custom Calculators

3. Click Get The Code

Get The Code Button For Interactive Calculators

This will display the code you need to copy for your website.

Embed Code For Web Calculators

From this section you'll be able to view a preview of your embed. To do so, just tick the "Show a preview" box.

You can also customise the height of your embeddable calculator. The height will automatically be set to "Auto", click the Height dropdown and switch this to Auto to customise the height.

You can enter a number to the fixed height field and also switch the unit of measurement between pixel (px), percentages (%), and viewport's height (vh).

4. Copy the Code

Simply click anywhere in the code to highlight it, then copy it to your clipboard.