Numeric Slider

The Numeric Slider question type allows you to respondents to select a value using a slider.

Numeric Slider Question Type

Numeric Slider Question Settings

Numeric Slider Question Settings

  • Required: Require respondents to answer this question before submitting a response.
  • Number Type: Switch the accepted input values between Integer (whole number), Decimal and Currency.
  • Min Value: Set a minimum value that can be entered.
  • Max Value: Set a maximum value that can be entered.
  • Step: Define a value that controls the interval the slider moves by.
  • Prefix: Add a word, letter, number or symbol to appear before the input value.
  • Suffix: Add a word, letter, number or symbol to appear after the input value.
  • Personal Info: Mark a question to be stored separately from other response data (see: Pseudonymization).
  • Numbered: Enable/disable the question numbering.

Numeric Slider Results

Numeric Slider Question ResultsThe below data will be available for the Numeric Slider question type:

  • Average: The average value of all respondent inputs.
  • Min: The smallest value input.
  • Max: The largest value input.
  • Response count: The total number of responses for this question.
  • Numeric responses: A list of all individual answers (displayed below aggregated data).