Page Logic

What is Page Logic?

Page Logic allows you to set the next page respondents should see once they finish the one they're on, i.e. where they go when they click 'Next Page'. Page Logic is used to set the page destination of respondents who don't select any answers with Question Logic applied to them.


You'll see a setup similar to this when you click 'Page Logic' in the sidebar menu. In that menu will be a list of your pages, questions, answers and any applied question logic.

  • Pages: Capitalized and underlined by a yellow bar.
  • Questions: Preceded by a 'Q'.
  • Answers: White text beneath your questions.
  • Question Logic: Yellow text beneath your answers, indicating which page the question logic will send respondents to. Only answers with logic applied to them will appear in the list below your question.
  • Page Logic: for the page will be indicated below 'Page logic for page:'.

As you can see in the image, the  Page Logic has been set so that anyone who doesn't pick 'Yes' as an answer to the question is sent to the Exit Page, rather than being allowed to continue the survey.

Note: If no  Page Logic is applied, respondents will be directed to the next chronological page found in the 'Manage Pages' section of the sidebar.

How to apply Page Logic?

Below you'll find a step by step for how we set the  Page Logic for the above question.

Note: We recommend that you give each page a unique title, so there’s no confusion when you come to applying Logic.

  1. Click ‘Page Logic’ in the sidebar
  2. Select ‘Manage Logic’ for the page you wish to set logic from
    In this case we'll select it for the 'Consent' page. From here a secondary menu will open, with a list of the questions and answers for that page:
  3. Apply Question Logic to the necessary answer options
    As we said at the beginning of this article, you only really need Page Logic if you're using Question Logic. You'll see in the image below, that Question Logic has been applied to 'Yes'.
  4. Select a page destination from the menu below 'Default logic for pages'
    Now it's time to decide where all those respondents who don't select 'Yes' go. By default, the page will progress respondents to the next one chronologically, which would be Question Page 1. However, if those respondents haven't given their consent for us to use their data, we don't really want to bother collecting it, so we set the Page Logic to send them to the Exit Page.
  5. Close the 'Edit Logic' menu
    Your logic will save automatically, so back up into the 'Page Logic' menu. Here you'll find the details of your new logic rules:

You're probably aware that you could have achieved this same result by simply applying Question Logic to both answers and sending them to separate pages. Page Logic is intended for where you have many answers on a page, and the majority of those answers (which don't have Question Logic applied) should be sending respondents to a page that isn't directly after the page they're currently on. But it was a little easier to show you how both kinds of logic work in the above example.

Important Notes for Using Logic

  • Exit/ Thank You pages will not be listed with Question Pages in the 'Page Logic' menu. If you need to visit and edit these, use the 'Manage Pages' menu.
  • Page Logic (and Question Logic) cannot send respondents to pages that placed chronologically before them in the 'Manage Pages' menu, e.g. Page 1 can send respondents to Page 2 or Page 3, but Page 2 can only send respondents to Page 3 and not to Page 1. For this reason, we’d suggest planning your survey on paper before starting, if you intend to use a substantial amount of Page Logic. 
  • Question Logic overrides Page Logic if they conflict.