Sharing Your Project

Once you’ve finished building your survey, form, or quiz, your next step will be to send it.

How to share your project

To share your survey, quiz, form, or calculator, simply go to the Send section of the project.

You can access this via the project dashboard:

Or you can go straight to the send section from any other section of your project:

Share Your Survey Via The Dashboard

Here are the different ways you can share your survey, quiz, or form:

Share Your Survey

Methods for sharing projects

  1. Simple URL Link
  2. Email Invitations
  3. Purchase a Survey Audience
  4. Share to Social Media
  5. Create a Button for your Website
  6. Website Embed
  7. JavaScript API/ Querystring
  8. QR Code

1. URL link

We provide a simple URL link for any project you create, which can be found in the Send section.

URL Link For Surveys

Simply, copy this and share it with your respondents.

This is the quickest method of distribution, but any respondents who access your survey via this method will be anonymous.

2. Email Invitations

Create and customize email invitations for your project using our block editor.

In the Send section, click "Send by email" and you'll be taken to a brand new campaign.

Read more about this method here: Sending Surveys via Email Invitation.

You’ll first need to upload contacts to your list and create some relevant groups.

When sending via email, you can enable Tracking to view those who have and who are yet to respond to your survey, quiz, or form.

3. Purchase a Survey Audience

Target specific survey audiences based on demographic criteria you set, from household income to hobbies.

Purchase Respondents With Shout Audience

From the Send section, click "Add Audience".

Learn more about purchasing survey respondents.

Responses are collected quickly once your audience has been approved.

To purchase survey respondents, you must be subscribed to a paid plan. To set target criteria to purchase a specific audience, you must be subscribed to the Pro or Business plan.

4. Share to Social Media

Beneath your project link, you’ll find an array of Social Media links that you’re able to share your project through.

These options include:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • WordPress
  • Pinterest
  • Your native Mail app
  • LinkedIn
  • WhatsApp
  • Reddit

Please note that you will need to be signed into that social media app on the device you're sharing your survey from.

5. Pop-ups & slideouts

This option allows you to create a button for your website, which when clicked will either have your survey pop up or slide out (left or right).

Pop-Up And Slideout Surveys

To get the code, scroll to "For linking from your website" and select "Get the code".

Then you can choose between Popout, Sidebar Left, and Sidebar Right.

6. Embed your Project on your Website

This option is also known as Inline Embedding and will embed the project directly into your website, displaying it amongst all other content.

Simply, scroll down to the Inline Embed section and select "Get the code".

Embed Projects On Your Websites

Then copy the code provided and paste this into your website code.

If you're using a CMS like Wordpress or Squarespace, you can paste this code into a HTML block.

7. JavaScript API

This option requires a basic knowledge of JavaScript/ coding to be accomplished. This uses the JavaScript API to pass information through to our servers, which will be linked with each response.

For more information on this method of distribution, you can visit the JavaScript API article.

8. QR code

A QR code is generated automatically for all of your projects.

QR Surveys

You can save your QR code and put it at physical locations, where people can scan it and respond to your survey. 

To use this code to collect responses:

  1. Go to Send
  2. Right-click the QR code
  3. Click Save Image As
  4. Name the file and save it to your system

You can then add it to a poster or other document to put up somewhere the public can see it.