The Progress Bar

Show respondents how much of your survey they've completed so far with the Progress Bar.

This bar will be displayed at the bottom of your survey, and will fill in as respondents reach a new section or page.

Take a look at what the Progress Bar will look like:

How to enable the Progress Bar

The Progress Bar will be enabled by default for all newly created surveys.

You can enable it for any pre-existing surveys via the Theme menu:

  1. Go to the Build section of your survey
  2. Click Theme in the left sidebar
  3. Select On beneath 'Show Progress Bar'

Hide sections from the Progress Bar

There may be some sections or pages that aren't relevant to all respondents, and so you'd like to hide them from the Progress Bar.

To hide section or pages:

  1. Open the Form menu
  2. Click the icon next to the title of the section you'd like to hide
  3. Select Hide in progress bar

You'll then see that the title has been removed from the Progress Bar in the builder and your live survey.

In the above example, we've hidden the About you section from the Progress bar.

You can see that the bar has still filled in to illustrate that respondents are making progress, but the section title isn't visible.

This is perfect for when you've used Question Logic in your survey, when some questions are only relevant to some respondents.

How to disable the Progress Bar

If you'd rather remove the Progress Bar from your surveys, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Build section of your survey
  2. Click Theme in the left sidebar
  3. Select Off beneath 'Show Progress Bar'