Shout Analytics

Marketing analytics software for teams

Monitor email marketing analytics and evaluate customer feedback in a single accessible report to improve your strategy.
Integrated Reports For Surveys, Emails and Forms

Evaluate your marketing strategy as a whole

You’ll find all campaign data in one powerful report for a complete picture of your marketing efforts.

Track email performance

Monitor open and click-through rates to see if your subject line is effective. 

Understand your audience

Ask your customer’s for feedback and turn your data into actionable insight.

Improve brand messaging

Create beautiful landing pages for your email marketing camapign and surveys.

A single platform for marketing teams

All data is collected in real-time, from email metrics to survey results, allowing you to make informed decision quickly.

A professional digital report is automatically generated, where you’ll have access to data relevent to your campaign, including feedback and landing page metrics.

Monitor trends and track your campaign’s performance to see what works for future digital marketing projects.

Team Marketing With GDPR Compliant Software
Monitoring Email Metrics and Data

Track email metrics and start creating first-class campaigns

As soon as a contact has clicked open, you’ll have access to all the email metrics you need to track success and improve your strategy.


Monitor the base stats for your email marketing campaign, including total number of emails sent, open-rates and bounce-rates.


Track engagement with click-through-rate data to determine what email content and calls to action work for you.


Keep an eye on unsubscribe rates to determine if you’re sending to the right audience and reduce impact on your list growth rate.

Data security and GDPR compliance

The protection of your data, including the data of your contacts and respondents, is our highest priority.

We’ve worked hard to ensure our marketing analytics software and each of our other products complies with the GDPR. We have the appropriate procedures in place to make sure your personal data is protected.

Analyze survey results effortlessly

You’ll find survey, quiz and form responses in the same customizable report dashboard as your email performance data.

Data presentation

All quiz and survey results are compiled as charts and graphs, allowing you analyze quickly and draw informed conclusions.

Individual responses

View the responses from individual participants to improve your understanding of respondents’ personal experiences.

Automated quiz scoring

Assign points to your quiz answers and scores will be tallied up automatically. No fuss, just results.

Data Report For Surveys And Quizzes
Survey Data Reports With Charts And Graphs

Transform your data into actionable insights

Build an understanding of your contacts wants and needs improve business intelligence and marketing performance.

Segment and compare

Use filters to segment reports or compare data sets based on survey results or email campaign metrics.

Multiple views on data

Create multiple custom dashboards from the same data set to highlight different trends identified in your results.

Share access to reports

Share digital reports with stakeholders using a URL link and export data as a spreadsheet or PDF.

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