Data Retention

Data Retention

If you hold an account with 'the Site' we do not delete the data within your account (unless requested), you are responsible for the control and amount of time for which data is stored. There are controls within your account to delete data on the account level, project level, question-level and response level. If you are a respondent, you must contact the survey creator to find out how long your responses will be stored in 'the Site' services.

When an account is downgraded, surveys and responses are retained in that account. However, there are restrictions applied to the free account, which may mean some data (such as survey results that have exceeded the time and storage limits) are inaccessible unless that account is upgraded to an appropriate subscription plan.

Deleting survey data from within your account:

Users are able to delete surveys and data from within their account. Once that data has been deleted you may not be able to restore it.

Type of data Can it be restored?
Questions can't be restored.
Responses can't be restored.
Surveys When a survey is deleted from the account dashboard, the associated content and data will be moved to the 'Deleted' folder. This will remain in the folder for 30 days before being marked for permanent deletion. We will store the data for a 14 day period, after which it is permanently deleted from our system. Users can mark a survey for permanent deletion from within the 'Deleted' folder. If the survey has been in the folder for 14 days or more and is marked for permanent deletion by the user, it will be permanently deleted that day. If it has been in the 'Deleted' folder for less than 14 days, we store the data until those 14 days are up, after which it is permanently deleted.

Deleting your account:

You can delete your account at any time. After it is deleted, the account is immediately disabled. The deleted account and data will be removed from our system within 90 days. Once deleted, an account cannot be restored.  Database backups are stored for a further 12 months in an encrypted form.

Users are able to request immediate account deletion by contacting 'the Site' support team.

If you are a member of an Organization (Team) and the admin account for that Organization is deleted for any reason, then you will lose the account features shared with you by the admin account. Your own account will revert to the free plan.

Deleted account data:

In limited circumstances, we do retain account information. These purposes include:

  • To enforce our agreements where applicable.
  • To prevent potentially illegal activities.
  • To screen for, and prevent undesirable or abusive activity.
  • To respond to legal requests or prevent fraud.

We ensure that if data is kept for any of these purposes, it is only used to resolve that purpose. Once it has been resolved, the associated account data is deleted.

Inactive accounts:

If a user hasn't logged into an account for 'the Site' for more than 3 years, we will consider this account to be inactive and it and any survey data it contains will be permanently deleted.

Log into your account to maintain access.

Response Data:

Creators are responsible for the data collected by surveys, forms, quizzes and polls. To find out how long your data will be stored for, you must contact the Creator of the project you responded to.