Use a custom survey link

A link is automatically generated for your survey and quizzes, which can be shared via email, post it to social media or print it. Your link will be formatted in the following way: You'll see we have a randomized string of numbers and letters in the URL slug.

If you want to brand your survey/ quiz link or add a personal touch, you're able to change the survey/quiz code to custom text.


Customizing your survey URL

To remove the survey/quiz code we automatically generate and replace it with your own text:

  1. Go to the Send section of your survey/quiz
  2. Click the 'Customize URL' link below to the simple URL link
  3. Enter some custom text for your URL slug
  4. Click 'Save'

Just like the survey codes, this custom text must be unique to each survey/ quiz. And so, a specific word or phrase can only be used once across the tool. If another user has already implemented the text you're trying to use, you will need to enter alternative text.

The text may only contain the following characters: "A-Z", "1-0", "-" and "_". Spaces are not permitted.

If you want to use your website domain instead of ours in your survey/ quiz link, take a look at this article: Using a Custom Domain.

Using both of these features together will enable you to have a fully personalized survey/ quiz URL. To also remove our branding from your surveys, quizzes and emails, take a look at our white label feature.

Survey tracking

If survey tracking is enabled when distributing via our own email system, your custom link will not be present. We use a unique link that is essential to tracking and compiling responses collected in this way.

Public links

Your links are public by default, meaning anyone who has it will be able to access your survey. If you want to ensure only your targeted respondent pool have access to your survey, we'd recommend setting a password for a survey or quiz.