Survey and Form Settings

We provide a number of settings to improve not only your survey building experience but also participants' completion process.

Survey Settings

You can find a list of these options below:

White label

By default, all projects contain our branding. Enabling the Whitelabel feature will remove this branding from surveys, quizzes and emails.


This feature allows you to separate personally identifiable information (PII) from survey/quiz/form responses in your results. Allowing for complete anonymity of responses, whilst retaining a list 


Select the most likely language of your participants from a pre-determined list. These include:

  • English
  • Francais (French)
  • Deutsch (German)

You are also given the option to customise the language of your survey. This can be achieved by clicking the ‘Add New’ button beneath the drop-down list of languages.

This button will open a separate menu, where you are given a list of all key phrases that are used in projects. Underneath these phrases are empty text boxes, in which you can enter translations for each.

Note: You can also name the language from which these translations are derived in the ‘Name Language’ box.

The key phrases for translation are:

  • Next Page
  • Finish Survey
  • A Password is required to view this survey
  • Sorry your answer was incorrect!
  • Sorry you have taken too long to answer this page
  • Please answer question
  • Please rank all items in question
  • Sorry this survey has now been closed
  • Previous page
  • You have selected more than the maximum number of answers
  • The maximum allowed is
  • Page
  • View Results
  • Vote Now
  • Remove answer
  • Finished sorting?
  • Skip Question?
  • See a summary of your results
  • Points Scored
  • Correct Answer
  • Final Results
  • A number you have entered is invalid
  • Please check the highlighted question
  • Manual Entry
  • You have already completed this question
  • SHIFT + ENTER for new line

Simply click ‘Save’ to apply your new settings.

Prevent Duplicate Responses

This option limits the number of responses per computer to one, using cookies.

Cookies are packets of data sent to a browser by an internet server. Each time that user accesses the same server they are identified or tracked.

Preventing duplicate responses will stop the same respondent from completing your project more than once, therefore sustaining the integrity of your results.

Edit After Completed

When using the Tracking feature, you can use this setting to allow respondents to edit their responses once they have submitted their completed response.

If a participant feels they have made a mistake, provided incorrect information, or have simply changed their opinion concerning a subject, this option is a useful way to sanction some flexibility in changing their answer choices.

Email Notifications

Receive instant email notifications from us when new responses are submitted to your form.

Slack Notifications

Connect a survey to your Slack account and receive notifications to your workplace when a response is submitted.

Automatic Numbering

Toggle this option to give questions number automatically. This is the only survey setting that is toggled ‘On’ by default. You can also toggle numbering for individual questions/ For more information on this you can visit our guide to the Question Quick Menu.

Password Protection

Require participants to enter a password before they can complete your project. Enter your chosen password in the empty text box below the ‘Password Protection’ description in the Survey Settings menu.