One Question at a Time Surveys

New feature: We've added a whole new survey format, where questions are displayed to respondents one at a time.

This survey type will help to keep your respondents engaged when answering your questions, improving your completion rates.

When respondents choose an answer, they'll be taken to the next question seamlessly. This ensures that people aren't overwhelmed by a full page of questions, and creates a sense of flow through your survey.

Creating a One Question at a Time Survey

To get started with one question surveys, simply follow these steps:

  1. Select the + Icon in the survey dashboard
  2. Select Survey
  3. Choose the One navigational type

Adding Questions to a One Question Survey

Whilst you create these surveys in much the same way as the Many format, we have added an extra Add Question button to these surveys so you can manage everything in the builder.

Add a question via the Form menu

Using one of the New question buttons in the Form menu to add a new question to that section.

  1. Open the Form menu
  2. Click New question
  3. Select a question type from the library

Add a question to the same section

To add a new question to appear right after the current question:

  1. Click Add question in the builder
  2. Enter your question text

Adding Sections to One Question Surveys

Sections allow you to split questions up by relevance, and will be displayed on the Progress Bar if you have this enabled.

To add a new section to your survey:

  1. Open the Form menu
  2. Click the icon
  3. Select Add section
  4. Choose a Question section or Exit section

Question sections are spaces for you to ask questions, where as Exit Sections are the final message respondents will see after finishing their response.

Using Logic in One Question Surveys

It's important to note that Logic does not work on a per question basis, it can only be used to send respondents to different section (much the same as it works in the Many survey format).

  1. Open the Form menu
  2. Hover over a question you'd like to apply logic to
  3. Click the  icon next to your question title
  4. Select Logic
  5. Click + Add Logic Range
  6. Open a dropdown beneath one of your answer options
  7. Select a section

Your Logic will look something like this when is set up: