Customizing Themes

This feature allows you to change the visual design of your project. You can access the Theme/ Appearance Menu through the sidebar of the project builder.

  1. Create a Project
  2. Select ‘Theme’ in the sidebar
  3. Scroll through the available 'Seasonal Themes' and 'Standard Themes'

    Note: Seasonal Themes are unique theme's we upload every couple of months for a holiday or season, e.g. summery themes or Easter themes.

Customizing Theme Colors and Fonts

It's important to note that different themes may have different elements that can be customized. So, it's would be worth checking out all the theme templates we have to offer before making a final choice.


  1. Click ‘Theme’ in the sidebar
  2. Select a Theme
  3. Choose one of the color boxes and a color selection chart will appear
  4. Move the dots around the chart and the color will change accordingly OR Enter the color code into the box above the chart

Note: The color boxes allow you to customize the color for a pre-set section of the survey, you cannot change these pre-sets.


  1. Click 'Theme' in the sidebar
  2. Select a Theme
  3. Click the font box
  4. Select a font from the list

Can you Apply Different Themes to Separate Pages?

Unfortunately, we do not support the capability to do this. Any Theme you choose will be applied to all Pages.

Changing a Theme

To apply a different Theme, simply follow the same process as applying a theme. If you already have one set, it will simply change to the new selection.

If you’ve customized a Theme and wish to change, you will be asked if you want to disband your current customization. You will not be able to recover your previous settings without completing the original process.