What are Pages?

What are Pages?

Pages can be used to break down a long list of questions into smaller organized sections. This will not only improve your respondents experience in completing your project but also in making your editing process clearer.

How to add a new Page

Add New Pages

  1. Open the Form tab
  2. Click the Manage Pages button in the sidebar
  3. Select ‘Add Question Page’ OR ‘Add Exit Page’

For a little more info on this, go to Add and Manage Pages.

Question Pages

These page options are intended to contain your questions, where you will have access to all Question Types, Presentational Items, and some Contact Detail Elements.

Note: When making a quiz, you will have a slightly shorter list of available items. This is because not all question types or items would be suitable for a point-based system, like quizzes.

There are also a few other things you can accomplish with this option. Here’s a list of examples:

Exit/ Thank You Pages

Exit/ Thank You Pages are used to notify respondents that your project has come to an end, and to express gratitude for their time. There are three different Thank You Page types that you can switch between.

These are:

  • Standard (with advertising)
  • Design Custom Page
  • Redirect to Web Address
  • Show Scores (Quizzes Only)

The Standard type will permit you to edit the page title and description text, allowing for a short thank-you message to be displayed to your respondents.

You will be able to insert Presentational Items into your Thank You Page if you choose to design a custom page. This option includes the ability to edit the page title and description.

Finally, you can redirect respondents to a web address of your choice. Simply enter your chosen URL into the bar provided, and test that the link works.

Navigating between Pages

Click any page title in the Form tab to switch to that page:

Switch Between Pages

Page Titles

You can edit the title of all your pages by clicking the title field at the top of your survey, quiz, or form.

Page description

You will find the option to add a page description below the page title, where you will be able to insert any additional information concerning the corresponding page.


If you’re a business or organization, you may want to include some branding or imagery in your project.

By clicking the ‘Add a logo Here’ button, you will be given access to any images you have previously uploaded to the site.

If you have not uploaded any images yet, you can drag and drop images into the library or press ‘click to upload’.

How to delete a Page

  1. Open the Form tab in the left sidebar
  2. Click the  icon next to the page you'd like to delete
  3. Confirm your choice OR ‘Cancel’ your action

Warning: Clicking the ‘Delete Page’ button will remove a page from your project permanently. You will not be able to undo this action, or retrieve any of the information that was deleted with the page.

Note: To be able to delete a Question Page or Thank You Page, there must be more than one of each present. The ‘Delete Page’ button will not appear in the page options before then.

Page Logic

Page Logic allows you to direct different respondents to separate pages in your project, based on the answer choices they’ve made.

You can use this feature to create Qualification Questions/ Pages and Consent Forms, which you can read more about by clicking the links.