Drop Down List

What are Drop Down Lists?

Drop-Down List Question

These question types are similar to the Multi-Choice (Single Select); where a list of options is provided for respondents to choose from, in relation to a question or statement.

However, instead of a list of answers directly beneath the question, the answers are hidden in an expandable drop-down box.

Why use Drop Down Lists?

These boxes are useful in concealing considerably longer lists of answer options. If your list of answer options is too long, the flow of your project will be affected. E.g. In a contact form, it may be necessary to obtain the location or address of a respondent and Drop Down Lists allow you to include a large list of places without overcrowding the page.

How do I create a Drop Down Lists?

How To Add A Drop Down List To A Survey

  1. Open the Form tab
  2. Click 'New question'
  3. Select Drop Down List

Default Settings

Two answer boxes will be provided according to the default settings of this question type. Click ‘Add option’ to create additional answer boxes, or ‘“other” text’ to insert an ‘Other’ answer option.

When making a quiz, the answer options will all be assigned 0 points by default. You can assign points to answers by clicking the relevant option, then entering the settings for that option and entering a number into the ‘Points’ box.


  • Where it is sometimes useful to randomize the order of your answers, if you’re providing a list of locations (or a similar list) you may want to format it alphabetically, or in some other logical order.

Question Settings Bar

Inside the Question Settings Bar for Dropdown lists you will have access to several options:

  • Numbered: This button toggles the numbering for the concerned question.
  • Personal info: When enabled, the data from any question marked as PII in the ‘question settings’ will be stored as a separate response. Allowing you to identify who has completed your survey, and at what time, without viewing the other answers they’ve given.
  • Randomize: Randomize the order of answer options for each respondent.
  • "Other" answer text: Allow respondents to write a free-form answer to your question.
  • Required: By checking this box, respondents cannot finish the survey without completing the question.

How respondents interact with Drop Down Lists?

A blank box marked with an arrow will sit below your set question, which respondents can click to reveal the full list of answer options.

Whichever option their mouse hovers over will be highlighted, and their selected answer will then appear in the blank box below the question.

How to analyze the Quick Report?

Answer options will be displayed in their original order, from left to right, in the Data Table of your Quick Report. You will also receive stats on the standard deviation and the total number of responses for the question.

By default, your results will appear as a Doughnut Chart, with each answer being assigned a color within the chart. It is possible to change the chart formatting through the Question Quick Menu for this section. The other available options for this question type are Line Graph, Column Graph, Radar Chart, Pie Chart.

‘Other’ Responses

Any responses gathered through the ‘Other’ answer option will be recorded in the ‘Other’ section of the data table. If text was attached to any of those answers, each response will be recorded in the ‘Text Responses’ section under the graphs.

For more detailed instructions on analyzing your report you can visit either of these articles: