360-Degree Feedback Surveys

Empower your team with 360-reviews

Collect anonymous feedback from co-workers, supervisors, and other employees.

Conduct 360 Degree Feedback Surveys To Improve Employee Performance


Review Performance, Assess Employees, Scale Your Business

Robust features to encourage compliance and protect employee data whilst collecting actionable feedback.

Compliant contact management

Import employees to the CRM, group them based on role or seniority, and track the lawful basis for processing their data (e.g. Contract).

Detailed 360 reports

Review 360-degree feedback in real time with automated reporting and share results with stakeholders with a single click.

Anonymous responses

All responses are anonymous by default, encouraging open and honest 360 feedback from peers and managers.

Create review segments

Segment reports into self-assessments, peer reviews, and manager feedback with flexible filters, and compare results from each group.

Brand surveys & emails

Add your logo and customize the designs of 360 surveys and email invitations to align with your brand guidelines.

Pseudonymize responses

Separate personal information from 360 feedback in order to track who’s responded, whilst keeping those responses anonymous.

Improve employee performance with 360-degree feedback

Collect the right data

Create professional 360 feedback surveys with access to over 20 question types, including ratings, matrices, multiple-choice, dates and text fields.

One survey for any type of review

Use question logic to send respondents to different sets of questions based on whether they’re performing a self-assessment or reviewing a peer or manager.

Maximize response rates

Send email reminders to employees who’re yet to submit an assessment, track open and click-rates, and tailor subject lines to your audience.

Create 360 Degree Feedback Surveys

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Deliver tailored feedback with 360 reports

Identify blind spots

Use advanced segmenting and cross-tabulation tools to spot gaps in an employee’s knowledge and compare self-assessments to other responses.

Measure development over time

Benchmark employee experience and performance over time with recurring surveys to create an actionable career development plan.

Personalize reports for employees

Generate separate reports for colleagues, managers, and self-assessors to offer multiple views of an employee’s performance.

360 Feedback Reports With Cross tabulation

Compliance built in, for teams of any size

An integrated CRM, for managing employees and collecting feedback

Import your colleagues to your CRM and group them based on department, role, and seniority. Send 360 assessments to the top of their inbox.

Collaborate with your team, to streamline performance reviews

Choose a plan geared for teams of all sizes, create 360-degree surveys together, and analyze employee reviews as a team.

Collect data without having to worry about your compliance

With Shout, all responses are anonymous by default. Respondents are only identified if you want them to be.

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360 Feedback FAQs

Everything you need to know about 360-degree feedback surveys and how they can help you improve employee performance.

What is 360-degree feedback?

360 surveys are an effective feedback tool that provides team members with constructive and unbiased reviews. It aims to develop skills and behaviours in the workplace by identifying strengths and weaknesses.

The goal is not to criticise an individual on what they do wrong. It is to endorse their strengths and highlight areas for improvement.

What do you measure with 360 reviews?

360-degree feedback should address the entirety of an employee’s role. E.g. Creative skills, customer interaction, communication and leadership.

They should receive feedback from peers, subordinates, managers and potentially external sources such as customers or investors.

Any events or incidents should be accurately reported. This is to gauge impact in the workplace and whether their behaviour is consistent with organizational goals.

How to analyze 360 feedback

All responses, including the self-reflection, should be collated as an average for the 360 evaluation of the recipient. You should also compare the results of the self-reflection against the larger group to identify the recipient’s ‘blind-spots’.

Blind-spots are areas where the recipient’s self-evaluation differs to that of the reviewers.

Why is 360 feedback important?

360 feedback surveys need to be anonymous to encourage open and honest reviews. These reviews help team members develop their overall performance and provide clear steps to grow their career.

The aim is not to inform promotions, raises or bonuses, but rather to increase productivity and engagement in the workplace.