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CSAT Calculator FAQs

Everything you need to know about Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT).

What is CSAT?

CSAT stands for Customer Satisfaction Score. It’s a metric businesses use to measure how satisfied customers are with your products, services, or overall experiences. The assumption is that the more satisfied your customers are, the more likely you are to retain them.

Typically, CSAT is measured through surveys where customers are asked to rate their experience on a scale of 1-5 (Very Dissatisfied to Very Satisfied).

Customer satisfaction surveys can help you identify areas for improvement, e.g. customer service, as well as quantifying the entire customer experience.

How do I collect CSAT data?

Customer satisfaction is measured by running a survey after a recent interaction or touchpoint in the customer journey. For instance, say that a customer has recently purchased a product from your store.

You’d then follow up with a CSAT survey that asks them to rate different elements of their experience, ranging from the quality of the product to the helpfulness of employees.

Your CSAT question would look a little something like this: “How satisfied are you with the quality of [product]?”.

What is the CSAT question scale?

Typically, the scale for a CSAT question would range from 1 -5, with two negative options, one neutral option, and two positive options:

  1. Very Dissatisfied
  2. Dissatisfied
  3. Neutral (or “Neither Satisfied or Dissatisfied”)
  4. Satisfied
  5. Very Saitfied

How is CSAT calculated?

CSAT score is calculated by taking the percentage of positive responses (e.g., those who chose “Satisfied” or “Very Satisfied”) and expressing it as a score out of 100.

What is the formula for CSAT?

CSAT formula: Number of Satisfied Customers / Total Number of Responses * 100

What is a good CSAT score?

A higher CSAT score indicates a higher level of customer satisfaction, while a lower score suggests that improvements may be needed. Generally, CSAT scores can be broken down into four categories:

  • 0-50: Need Improvements
  • 50-70: Average
  • 70-90: Good
  • 90-100: Excellent

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