Gain rich insights with compliance-enabled reports

Create detailed views of your data, identify patterns and trends, track performance, and share reports with stakeholders.

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Grow your business with data-driven decisions

All data is collected in real-time, from email metrics to survey results, allowing you to make informed decision quickly.

Separate PII from response data

Store personally identifiable information and survey responses separately to ensure your data collection is as compliant as possible.

Filter your results

Identify patters and trends in your reports by filtering respondents based on answers, CRM data, dates, email statistics, and other variables.

Compare data sets

Use crosstabs to create side-by-side comparisons and show the relationship between two or more questions.

Combine filters

Create detailed views of your data based on how respondents answer multiple questions by combining filters and crosstabs.

Track email performance

When sharing your surveys via email invitation, you’ll have access to open rates, click rates, and responses rates alongside all other survey data.

Automate quiz scoring

All you need to do is apply points to your quiz questions, and we’ll calculate respondent scores automatically.

Take full control of your data

Analyze responses at any level

Make sense of your results with exchangeable charts and graphs, access responses from individual respondents,

Create multiple views of your results

Apply filters and crosstabs to create unique views of your data, and save these as separate reports.

Track the performance of email invitations

When sharing your survey via email invitations, you’ll find open rates and click-through rates alongside survey data in your reports.

Filter And Compare Survey Data

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Turning your data into actionable insight has never been easier. Our intuitive tools are loved by millions of users, all over the world.


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Ron Elius

B2B Copywriter – Freelance

“Interactive and really easy to use Software. The builder is seamless, and the question types are perfect. I love the way I can structure surveys in quick and easy way.”

Oana Frant

Consultant – the World Bank

“Shout offers multiple options for customization. Moreover, our projects look perfect on any device. If you want a platform that does most of the work for you, including automatic reporting, go with Shout.”

Never miss a response with Shout

Get notifications for responses

No need to log in to keep up to date with your responses. Receive instant notifications by email or to your Slack workspace when someon hits submit.

Share results, in real time

Share access to your results in one click and enable stakeholders to view all the latest data or filtered reports you’ve tailored for them.

Export offline copies of your data

Download your survey report as a PDF or export your raw data as a full text or numeric spreadsheet.

Share and Export Survey Reports

Powering compliance for teams & businesses

Collect data and work on survey reports as a team, whilst ensuring everything you do complies with data protection regulations around the world.

Role based data access control, as standard

Team users will only have access to their own surveys and reports by default. Ensuring no one has access to data that isn’t relevant to their role.

Compliant collaboration tools, for optimizing workflows

Share report access with your team and analyze data together. Maintain your own reports for the same data set, without effecting their work.

Cookieless, anonymous, privacy-first data collection

Shout is a cookieless survey tool, and all data anonymous by default. Track lawful basis for processing data and record consent with ease.

Privacy-first survey reports

Shout is built with compliance in mind, gearing all our tools to make data collection as risk free as possible for you.