Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Increase staff retention with feedback

Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your company culture and improve employee engagement.

Conduct Employee Satisfaction Surveys to Improve Employee Experience


Measure satisfaction and reduce staff turnover

Robust features to encourage compliance and protect employee data whilst collecting actionable feedback.

Compliant employee CRM

Import employees to the CRM, group them based on role or seniority, and track the lawful basis for processing their data (e.g. Contract).

Measure your eNPS

Ask employees how likely they are to recommend your business as a place to work with our Net Promoter Score question type.

Benchmark satisfaction

Measure employee satisfaction with a recurring survey and use crosstabs to compare results over time.

Departmental collaboration

Invite other department heads to join your Shout team, share your features, and measure employee satisfaction from their own accounts.

Brand everything

Add your logo, customize the designs of employee surveys and emails, and white label surveys to align with your brand guidelines.

Automate quiz scoring

Create quizzes to increase engagement, improve job satisfaction with assessments, and onboard new hires with training.

Connect with employees and track interactions

Craft professional email invitations

Build custom email invitations to target specific teams, those in leadership roles, or measure satisfaction company wide.

Track responses and email engagement

Track responses and send reminders to employees who’re yet to respond. Email metrics are stored alongside survey responses, for easy access.

Log reports and requests

Connect forms to your employee CRM and track incident reports, time-off requests, event registration, and other important information.

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Transform data into employee satisfaction

Create segmented views of your data

Segment reports based on CRM information, survey responses, question data, and much more to understand how to increase employee satisfaction.

Analyze personal experiences

View full response sheets from individuals and access employee profiles in the CRM to track engagement with your surveys and quizzes.

Share your findings with management and stakeholders

Export your results as a PDF or spreadsheet and share access to real time digital reports. Responses can be anonymized before being shared, to protect employee confidentiality.

Analyze Employee Satisfaction Survey Data

Collect feedback in a way that suits you

Email invitations

Shout Audience

QR code

Web embed


Multichannel distribution

Share your projects across multiple channels, from URL link, QR code, website embed, email invitations and more.

Pseudonymize responses

Pseudonymization is a feature unique to Shout, that allows you to collect personally identifiable data (PII), whilst keeping other response data anonymous.

Confidential surveys

With Shout, responses are anonymous by default. We don’t track any information about respondents that could identify them.

Unlimited collection

If you subscribe to an annual plan, there’s no limit to the number of responses you can collect across all employee surveys.

Compliance built in, for teams of any size

An integrated CRM, for managing employees the compliant way

Group employees based on department, role and seniority, and track the lawful basis for processing their data in the app.

Private accounts for each department, with centralized billing

Team user surveys are private by default, so no one has access to survey data that isn’t relevant to them.

Separate personally identifiable information from survey responses

Enable pseudonymization to separate any personal information from question data in your reports.

Reduce employee turnover with Shout

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Employee Satisfaction FAQs

Everything you need to know about employee satisfaction surveys and how they can help you increase happiness in the workplace.

What is employee satisfaction?

Employee satisfaction refers to the overall contentment and fulfillment that employees feel about their work within an organization. It involves creating an environment where employees are happy, engaged, and motivated to contribute their best efforts.

Employee satisfaction is gauged through various channels, including regular feedback mechanisms, where employees can share their opinions and insights about their work experiences.

This feedback serves as a valuable tool for organizations to understand how employees feel about their roles, the work environment, and the overall workplace culture. Implementing long-term strategies to enhance employee satisfaction involves developing action plans based on the feedback received.

Organizations can address specific concerns, recognize achievements, and foster a positive work atmosphere. By prioritizing employee satisfaction and continually refining the work environment, organizations can promote employee well-being, loyalty, and productivity over the long term.

Some elements that may factor into employee satisfaction are:

  • Work culture.
  • Manager relationships.
  • Performance feedback.
  • Salary.
  • Work/ life balance.
  • Deadlines.

Why are employee satisfaction surveys important?

The happier an employee is, the more of themselves they’ll invest in your company, its mission and goals. High levels of satisfaction often lead to a better quality of customer service and more efficiency in the workplace.

They can also be incredibly important to human resource departments, who can use this feedback to reduce employee turnover.

By asking for employee feedback, you can identify the strengths and weakness of your company culture and improve employee morale and engagement.

How to measure employee satisfaction

When creating an employee satisfaction survey, you must consider the factors that influence their experience. These could include daily tasks, leadership structures, benefits, work environment, the performance of colleagues and managers and opportunities for career development.

Anything that could impact their performance, motivation and commitment to the role should be addressed.

If the results of your staff satisfaction survey show that there is unhappiness or resentment concerning other team members, you may want to consider running 360-degree feedback surveys.

What are some examples of employee satisfaction survey questions?

Here are some examples of questions for your employee satisfaction surveys:

  • Does your manager value you feedback?
  • Do you feel you have a good work/ life balance?
  • Is your role clearly defined to you?
  • Are you satisfied overall with your job?
  • Does your team provide you support when you need it?
  • Do you feel rewarded for the work you do?
  • Do you feel valued in the company?
  • Do you feel proud to work for the company?

Typically, ESAT surveys consist of multiple-choice, matrix, and text-based questions. But to reduce survey fatigue, we recommend using a wider range of question types, such as binary yes/no, order rankings, and sliders.