Non-Profit Surveys

Save 48% on Professional features

If you work for a Non-Profit organization, you qualify for a heavy discount of our multi-user Pro plan.

Conduct Education Surveys To Collect Teacher, Parent, And Student Feedback


The same products at a lower cost to you

Here at Shout, we believe in the work done by Non-Profits and Charities around the world. So we’re offering access to all our core products at a huge discount.


Measure donor satisfaction, perform impact assessments, and inform strategies with community feedback.


Create quizzes to educate audiences about your mission, assess volunteer knowledge, and engage your donor list.


Capture contact information from volunteers and donors, register event attendees, and collect sponsorship inquiries with Shout.


Track event budgets, showcase the impact or volunteer and education programs, and much more with custom calculators.

Shout Audience

Reach millions of respondents from all over the world to quickly collect responses and power your research.

Integrated CRM

Import existing contacts, pass in contacts collected with forms, and craft bespoke email invitations for projects you create with Shout.

Non-Profit Discount

Save 48% on professional features with Shout, so you can save the world, one survey at a time.

3 Users

Invite colleagues to join your Shout Team, share your features, and collaborate on projects together.

Answer piping

Pipe previous answers, contact data, hidden fields data, and formula results into questions and answers.

Question logic

Create custom paths through surveys, calculators, and forms based on answer selections.

Exit page redirect

Send respondents to an external URL upon completion of your survey, quiz, form or calculator.

Interactive calculators

Create calculators to engage your audience and provide personalized content.

A/B testing

Split test campaign content to determine what performs best with your audience.

Pro (Discount)

48% discount on the Pro plan

{{19-business10-symbol}} 12.99 /month

paid annually

  • Unlimited responses
  • 3 users
  • Question Logic
  • Net Promoter Score
  • A/B split testing
  • Redirect upon completion
  • Hidden fields
  • Text / Answer piping
  • 3 active calculators

Best Reasons To Choose Shout

Getting feedback from the people who matter most to your organization has never been easier. Our intuitive tools are loved by millions of users, all over the world.


Years of Experience


Happy Users



David Hollinshead Testimonial
David Hollinshead

Insight Lead – Consultant

“Shout’s user-friendly features and intuitive design allowed me to seamlessly integrate data into our decision-making processes, showcasing the tangible benefits of leveraging insights for strategic planning.”

Wetland Wildlife Trust Testimonial For Shout
Mark Stead

Head of Learning – WWT

“Shout’s affordability was a breath of fresh air, and the cost savings didn’t come at the expense of functionality; in fact, Shout not only matched but surpassed the capabilities of SurveyMonkey.”


Access to all questions types (over 25)

Create any type of survey with opinion scales, multiple-choice, order rankings, open feedback, binary yes/no, numeric values and much more!

Put your branding front and center

Fully customize the design of projects, add your logo, choose from a range of fonts, and add branded imagery to your surveys.

AI question assistant

Save time on survey building with our AI question prediction assistant, that will recommend a question type based on your text,

Non-Profit Survey For Donor Satisfaction


Email invitations

Shout Audience

QR code

Web embed


Multichannel distribution

Share your projects across multiple channels, from URL link, QR code, website embed, email invitations and more.

Purchase responses

Find the perfect survey respondents from all over the world with Shout Audience.

Anonymous surveys

There’s no need to root through settings to enable anonymous responses. With Shout, respondents are kept anonymous by default.

Unlimited responses

Our Pro plan for Non-Profits allows for the collection of unlimited responses, meaning you don’t have to worry about storage limits.


Monitor results in real-time

As soon as a response is submitted, you’ll find it in your report, where you’ll have access to compiled data and individual responses.

Easily break down your data

Apply filters and comparisons based on questions, respondent information, and much more to identify patterns and trends in your results.

Share reports with stakeholders

Export your results as a PDF or spreadsheet, or make your digital report accessible with a URL link.

Education Survey Reports With Segmentation and Cross tabulation

Compliance-first survey software for non-profits

UK-based servers

All survey responses are stored in the United Kingdom, which has an adequacy decision with the EU, meaning your data is stored compliantly.

Create consent-based contact groups for events, survey campaigns, and trips and collect record consent to contact profiles with forms.

Zero-trust framework

Shout operates under a zero-trust framework and all our security policies are designed to meet or exceed the GDPR, UK-GDPR, and CCPA.

Professional features and a lower price

Get started with our 14-day Free Trial (no credit card required).

Non-Profit Surveys FAQs

Still have questions about our plan for Non-Profit surveys? Let’s get into those below.

Can I cancel any time?

Yes! You can cancel your subscription any time via your Account Details. You’ll retain the features of your plan and access to results until the end of your billing period, at which point your subscription won’t renew.

Can I switch plans?

Yes, we can help you upgrade your plan at any time. We’ll also deduct some of what you’ve paid for a plan when you upgrade to a higher one.

Can you help me find respondents?

Of course! You can use Shout Audience to find survey respondents all over the world. The price of an audience will be calculated in real time as you set your preferences.

Once your survey has been approved, responses will be collected very quickly.

How do I find the Non-Profit plan once I create an account?

When you create an account, you’ll be placed on a 14-day free trial of the Pro plan. This will allow you to test any features you might want to use in your projects.

When you’re ready to upgrade, click Upgrade Now in the top right of your account and you’ll be taken to our plans.

You’ll find the Non-Profit discount beneath the standard pricing of the Pro plan.