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Conduct Customer Satisfaction Surveys To Improve Customer Experience And Increase Retention

Everything you need to improve satisfaction

Whether you’re a small business or an enterprise level organization, Shout has features to help you scale based on customer feedback.

25+ question types

From multiple-choice and scales, to numeric fields and open feedback, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to question types.

Collect contact data

Capture contact information, record consent, and track the legal basis for processing their data with our integrated CRM.

Unique pathways

Use question logic to create bespoke pathways through your survey based what answers customers select.

Full brand control

Add logos, customize designs, use a custom domain and white label surveys to put your brand front-and-center.

A/B test content

Split test sections of text, images, and videos in your survey to determine what performs best with customers.

Identify pain-points

Segment and compare CSAT data in your report to identify what you’re doing well and what could be improved.

Do more than measure satisfaction

Collect reviews and testimonials

Collect reviews and testimonials for your business from your most satisfied customers and share them with a single click.

Calculate your Net Promoter Score

Drop in our pre-made Net Promoter Score question type and we’ll calculate your NPS as you collect responses.

Upsell on satisfaction

Redirect your happiest customers to product pages and other promotions to turn satisfaction into profit.

Measure Customer Satisfaction With Customizable Surveys

Collect customer feedback in a way that suits you

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Multichannel distribution

Share your projects across multiple channels, from URL link, QR code, website embed, email invitations and more.

Target respondents from all over the world

Find survey respondents from all over the world to power your research with Shout Audience.

Embed surveys on your website

Embed projects inline with all your other content with a simple line of code provided by us.

Seamlessly publish to Social Media

We’ve made it as easy as possible to reach your customers on Social Media platforms such as X (formerly Twitter), Facebook, and WhatsApp.

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Send surveys directly to customer inboxes

Craft beautiful email invitations and monitor performance

Create branded survey invitations with our drag-and-drop email builder, and monitor the performance of campaigns with metrics like open and click rate.

Keep track of who’s responded

Enable tracking for email invitations to identify who’s responded and even send reminders to those yet to respond.

Create targeted audience segments

Segment your contact list based on feedback from customer satisfaction surveys to identify your happiest customers.

Customer Satisfaction Survey Emails

Customers, Collaboration & Compliance

Collect feedback and strengthen customer relationships without worrying over whether you’re compliant.

Store and manage contacts, with compliance in mind

Assign contact groups a lawful basis for processing data to ensure you’re as compliant as possible.

Collaborate as a team, and grow your business together

Invite your colleagues to join your Shout team and collaborate on customer satisfaction surveys and reports in real time.

Pseudonymize data, whilst tracking who’s responded

Store personal information and response data separately to maximize compliance, whilst still being able to track responses.

Ready to improve customer satisfaction?

Create customer satisfaction surveys to collect feedback from the people who matter most to your business.

Customer Satisfaction FAQs

Everything you need to know about customer satisfaction surveys and how to improve customer relationships and increase revenue.

What is customer satisfaction?

Customer satisfaction refers to the level of contentment and fulfilment that customers feel after interacting with a product, service, or brand. It’s a subjective measure that encompasses customers’ perceptions, experiences, and emotions related to their overall interaction with a business.

Customers feel satisfied when their expectations are met or exceeded, leading to a positive perception of the product or service. Various metrics are employed to gauge customer satisfaction, including Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT), Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey, and Customer Effort Score (CES).

Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT): CSAT is a metric that directly measures customers’ overall satisfaction with a product or service. It typically involves a survey with a scale or rating system, asking customers to express their satisfaction level.

Net Promoter Score (NPS) Survey: NPS is a metric that assesses the likelihood of customers recommending a product, service, or brand to others. It categorizes customers into promoters, passives, or detractors based on their responses, providing insights into the overall loyalty and satisfaction of the customer base.

Customer Effort Score (CES): CES measures the ease with which customers can accomplish tasks or resolve issues related to a product or service. A lower customer effort score indicates a smoother and more satisfying customer experience.

Why is customer satisfaction important?

Customer feedback is crucial at various stages of the customer journey, offering invaluable insights that contribute to the enhancement of products and services.

It’s particularly important during interactions with the customer service team, as feedback obtained in real-time can identify areas of improvement and ensure immediate issue resolution.

Monitoring customer sentiment through feedback helps businesses gauge satisfaction levels, enabling them to address concerns promptly. Furthermore, the significance of customer feedback extends beyond short-term improvements; it plays a pivotal role in shaping long-term strategies.

By consistently gathering and analyzing customer feedback, businesses can adapt to evolving customer needs and preferences, fostering loyalty and sustained satisfaction throughout the entire customer journey.

When to ask for customer feedback​

Knowing when to ask for customer feedback is crucial to maximizing response rates and obtaining valuable insights. Time customer feedback requests strategically, and align them with key touchpoints in the customer journey.

For instance, after a successful purchase or when a service request has been resolved, customers are more likely to provide feedback.

Additionally, consider the timing in relation to the customer’s experience with your product or service to capture their sentiments while the experience is still fresh in their minds.

Avoid overwhelming customers with frequent surveys, as this may lead to survey fatigue and lower response rates.

By thoughtfully planning when to administer a customer feedback survey, businesses can strike a balance, ensuring high-quality responses and a comprehensive understanding of customer satisfaction and preferences.

What questions should I ask in customer satisfaction surveys?

When designing customer satisfaction surveys, it’s essential to use a combination of question types to gather comprehensive feedback. Here are sample questions with the specified keywords:

1. Rating Scales:

  • On a scale of 1 to 5, how satisfied are you with the overall quality of our [product/service]?
  • Please rate your level of agreement with the statement: “Our customer service met your expectations.”

2. Multiple-Choices:

  • Which aspects of our [product/service] do you find most valuable? (Select all that apply)
    A: Price
    B: Features
    C: Customer support
    D: Ease of use

3. Open-Ended Questions:

  • Can you share a specific experience where our [customer service/ product] exceeded your expectations?
  • If there is one thing you would like us to improve or change, what would it be?

By incorporating a many different types of questions, you can gather both quantitative and qualitative insights into customer satisfaction.

Rating scales provide numeric data, multiple-choice questions allow for structured responses, and open-ended questions encourage customers to share detailed feedback and suggestions, enhancing the overall depth of your survey results.