Shout is an all-in-one Research Marketing tool for small businesses and teams. We enable millions of users around the world to make informed decisions based on research and grow their businesses by engaging their audiences and running marketing campaigns. 

Our HQ is located in Portishead, United Kingdom.

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In 2002 we started our venture as a survey tool, soon discovering our growing user-base shared our passion for research. So we wanted to continue to improve and build on our tools to meet their needs.

We’ve continued to expand our product range to include quiz, form, email marketing and landing page tools to help you grow along with us.

What sets us


Having roots in research and feedback, we know the importance of data-driven, customer-informed development.

Everything we do is focused on making our products and tools more user-friendly and effective. We’ve spent 19 years evolving and refining our software based on feedback from our 2.5 million users and have used all that we’ve learned to create Shout.

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Security & privacy

Confidentiality and privacy are the foundation of our business.  We’re 100% EU owned and operated, and are bound by law (not via voluntary agreements) to comply with the highest standards of data privacy and security.

Built around a modern secure platform

Our service is built around a modern Microsoft backed platform that is resilient to the most common forms of attack (e.g. injection, XSS).

EU datacentre (ISO/SOC 2)

Our main servers are located in France in a SOC type 2 certified data-centre based on ISO 27002/27005 security management and risk assessment standards. Regular encrypted backups are stored in Ireland. Physical access to servers is restricted to electronic card holders.

Robust privacy policy & GDPR compliance

The data we hold on your behalf is completely confidential. We never misuse or sell any data. Take a look at our Privacy Policy for information.

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