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David Hollinshead

Insight Lead – The Jockey Club, The Football Association, Chelsea Football Club

David Hollinshead Testimonial

About David Hollinshead

David has worked with some of the most prestigious sports organisations in the United Kingdom, delivering data-driven insights to create a positive impact at a business-wide level.

In his most recent role, he performs market sizing and segmentation, tracks brand reputation, and conducts Net Promoter Score surveys for events across 15 venues.

I came into the business with minimal budget and needing to convince senior people that a data lead approach was the way forward – Shout enabled me to do so.

David Hollinshead

What David loves about Shout

David has used Shout for his role as Insight Lead for The Jockey Club, The Football Association (FA), and Chelsea Football Club.

Simplified workflows

Shout’s survey software stood out to me primarily because of its exceptional ease of use. As someone who values simplicity and efficiency, I found that Shout’s survey tool was not only user-friendly but also intuitive in its design.

Consistent brand visibility

The flexibility Shout provided in terms of branding was a game-changer for us. It allowed us to maintain a consistent brand experience across various touch points, reinforcing brand recognition and trust among our audience.

Perfectly balanced reporting

What impressed me was the balance struck between data presentation and simplicity. Shout consolidates intricate survey data into digestible visuals, making it easy to identify trends and patterns without getting lost in a sea of numbers.

What problem Shout solved for David

When I joined the business, I was faced with the significant challenge of implementing a data-led approach on a minimal budget. Convincing senior stakeholders of the merits of this approach was a crucial task that required not only a persuasive argument but also a tool that could effectively demonstrate the value of this strategy. This is where Shout proved to be an invaluable ally.

Shout not only aligned with my budget constraints but also provided me with the robust tools needed to make a compelling case for a data-led approach. The platform’s user-friendly features and intuitive design allowed me to seamlessly integrate data into our decision-making processes, showcasing the tangible benefits of leveraging insights for strategic planning.

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Why would David recommend Shout?

The standout feature for me has been question logic. This adds a layer of sophistication to our surveys, ensuring a personalized and efficient experience for participants.

Moreover, affordability was a key concerned for us, and Shout excels in this regard. The platform strikes the perfect balance by being budget-friendly while refusing to compromise on features.

Another aspect that continuously impresses me is the exemplary customer service provided by Shout. The team is not only quick to respond but also remarkably efficient in resolving any queries or issues that may arise.

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