Shout Forms

A quick and easy online form builder

Create online application forms, register guests for events, collect consent and much more using our free drag and drop form builder.

A Quick and Easy Online Form Builder
Build Online Forms That Work On Mobiles And Tablets

Manage your forms effortlessly

Whether you’re collecting consent or creating a registration form, Shout’s powerful form builder gives you full control with competitive features such as conditional logic and address lookup.

Customizable design

Change form colors, choose a font and add branded images and videos to your online forms.

Trackable responses

Enable tracking for forms shared by email (such as RSVPs and menu choices) to see who has responded and send reminders to those who are yet to.

Mobile forms

All projects are responsive, meaning your forms will work perfectly on mobiles, tablets and desktops.

Use forms to grow your audience

Get the right information from leads at the right time with our easy-to-use form builder.

Build your contact list

Ask leads to sign up for your newsletter by filling out a form and add them directly to your contact list.

Place forms in pride of place

Embed your form on your website or set a button to trigger a pop-up or slideout for leads.

Get the right information

Set input limitations for your form fields to collect specific information from leads, such as email addresses, phone numbers and websites.

Use Online Forms To build Your Contact List

Features that make online forms easy

Take advantage of features that allow you to build online forms quickly
and make the most of the contact information you collect.

Engage with your subscribers

After leads have been added to your list, use our email tool to engage with them.

Speed up address lookups

Leads can select from a list of addresses after entering a postal or zip code.

Allow leads to get in touch

Save time by using our contact form template and customizing the design.

Analytics Tool For Online Forms

Essential form analytics tools

Once you’ve started data collection, you’ll want to monitor your form responses and try to understand where lead generation is highest. We have the tools for you.

Get notifited instantly

Receive a notification via email or Slack upon a form submission. Perfect for busy teams and small businesses.

Dig deeper into data

Apply filters to segment and compare your results to identify trends and patterns in your data, such as location or domain referral.

Exporting your contacts

Export your form data as a spreadsheet or PDF or share access to digital reports with a URL link.

GDPR & security

We’ve worked hard to ensure our online form builder and all other products are fully compliant with the GDPR. Our primary servers are located in France and are ISO2001 certified.


Each team user will have access to a private dashboard and the ability to build their own forms. Ensuring data collected is only accessed by those it is relevant to.

Team Marketing With GDPR Compliant Software

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