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An online quiz builder with automated scoring

Make your own quiz to capture leads, engage customers, assess employees and test students.

An Online Quiz Builder With Automated Scoring
Making Online Quizzes And Customizing Them

Fully customizable quizzes to engage your audience

Easily create online quizzes for lead generation and customize their design to match your brand or website.

Response tracking

Track quizzes shared by email to see who has responded and send reminders to those who haven’t.

Full design control

Customize theme colors, switch fonts, add a logo and inserts image and videos into your quiz.

Mobile quizzes

Create a quiz that’s responsive on any device, meaning quiz takers can respond on mobiles, tablets and desktops.

Automate scoring and personalize quiz feedback

Our quiz builder takes care of all scoring and allows you to provide informed feedback to your audience.

Automate scoring

Assign points to your quiz answers and scores will be tallied up automatically. No fuss, just results.

Show or hide scores

Choose whether to show correct answer choices upon completion or hide them for internal review before sharing results.

Profile and grade

Create custom messages to show respondents based on their scores. Perfect for personality quizzes and tests.

Automating Scoring For Online Quizzes And Personalizing Feedback

Getting answers to your quiz questions

Share your quiz in a way that suits you, whether it’s part of an email campaign
or a permanent addition to your website.

Test your audience

Send quizzes to a list of email addresses and monitor engagement with tracking.

Quiz landing pages

Create a landing page to detail quiz incentives or grade boundaries.

More distribution methods

Share via link, social media, embed on your website or create pop-up quizzes.

Analyzing Quiz Responses In Real Time

Make the most of your results with powerful reporting tools

Quiz responses are all collected in real time and compiled as professional reports with no effort on your part.

Professional digital reports

All responses are compiled as quiz averages and intuitive charts & graphs for each question.

Dig deeper into data

Apply filters to segment and compare your results to identify trends and patterns in your data.

Sharing your results

Export your quiz results as a spreadsheet or PDF or share access to digital reports with a URL link.

GDPR & security

We’ve worked hard to ensure our online quiz maker and all other products are fully compliant with the GDPR. Our primary servers are located in France and are ISO2001 certified.


Each team user will have access to a private dashboard and the ability to make their own quizzes. Ensuring data collected is only accessed by those it is relevant to.

Team Creating And Analyzing Online Quizzes

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