Research & Marketing
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A Hubspot alternative for marketers who prefer a research based approach to business growth.

Marketing CRM Software For Teams

Deliver your brand strategy

A robust marketing CRM platform for growing your audience, sharing your brand message and informing business growth with feedback and research.

Reach your audience

Create segmented groups to deliver targeted email newsletters and increase open rates.

Collect valuable feedback

Improve marketing campaigns with customer feedback and product research.

Convert visitors into leads

Create landing pages, grow your contact list and increase lead generation.

Get a 360° view of your campaign data

All project data is fed into a single report in real time, enabling you to access data at any time.

Centralized campaign reports

View survey data in the same report as email open rates and landing page statistics for related campaigns.

Segment & compare data sets

Identify patterns and trends in your data with powerful segmentation and comparisons tools.

Share and export data

Easily publicize digital reports and share them with stakeholders and export data as a spreadsheet or PDF.

Survey Data Reports With Charts And Graphs

Reach a wider audience and build stronger relationships

Cut out the middle man by conducting your own market research and reach consumers with one flexible app.

Segment your email lists

Segment your contact list into groups and deliver targeted email campaigns based on custom contact information.

Generate leads

Build landing pages to convert traffic into subscribers and build potential customer lists.

Access data at the contact level

View all of a customers data and feedback for each survey they’ve responded to in their contact profile.

Collaborate as a team and deliver your brand strategy

Get your whole team involved and bridge the gap between consumer needs and business implementation.

Share access with your team

Invite your team members to join your Organization, share advanced features and collaborate on projects together.

Branding and customization

Customize the design of your surveys, emails and landing pages to align with your brand guidelines.

White labelling

Remove all Shout branding from customer-facing content to ensure your brand is at the forefront of your their mind.

Team Marketing With GDPR Compliant Software

Effortless communication

A single CRM solution for engaging and listening


Build an audience

Upload existing customer lists and group them based on custom information or email metrics.

Manage relationships

Create email campaigns to engage with your contacts directly and share news that’s important to them.



Get feedback

Create surveys and collect feedback from customers, test new product concepts and inform research.

Turn insight into action

with shout

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