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What is survey response rate and why is it important for your research?

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What is response rate?

Response rates determine what percentage of a sample actually submitted a response to a survey.

It is calculated by dividing the total number of survey responses by the number of invitations sent to an audience (sample size). You then multiply that value by 100 for your response rate.

For example, if you receive 380 responses from a sample of 1500, you would have a response rate of 25.33%.

How is this different to completion rate?

Some people believe the terms response rate and completion rate are synonymous. But, in online survey research, these two terms have different meanings.

Where response rate is meant to identify the percentage of your sample to respond to your survey, completion rate determines the percentage of respondents who completed your survey.

Why is response rate important in surveys?

Get More People To Participate In Surveys

Your survey responses rate is meant to determine whether your respondents are representative of a wider sample. A low response rate would mean your results is not representative, whereas a high response rate would indicate a representative set of results.

If you’re struggling to find survey respondents, take a look at how to increase survey response rates.

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