Shout Teams

Get your whole team involved

Create a Shout organization and invite your team members to share the benefits of your plan and collaborate on projects.

Team Collaborating On Marketing Campaigns

Streamline team projects

Reduce the workload of individuals and speed up project run times by collaborating with your team on surveys, landing pages and email campaigns.

Create surveys, analyze results and compile professional reports.

Build landing pages, customize design and generate leads.

Create branded email newsletters and monitor campaign success.

Protecting your Organizations' data

Ensure that project data is only accessed by relevant team members and remain compliant with the GDPR.

Sign a DPA

Review our processes for protecting the data we process on your behalf.

Consolidate data control

Organization admins will assume control of all data collected by team users.

Private dashboards

All team users’ projects and reports are set to private by default.

Pseudonymize survey data

Separate PII from your survey responses to maintain anonyminity.

Manage your team

Admins can change team user details and delete accounts when colleagues leave.

Team Marketing With GDPR Compliant Software

Giving your team the advantage

We have plans for teams of all sizes, whether you’re a start-up or a business that’s stood the test of time.

Share your account features

All your team members will have full access to the features included in your plan.

Collaborate on all projects

Share your projects with other users and collaborate on surveys, emails and reports as a team.  

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