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Make surveys your own with full customization and branding features.

White Label Surveys To Brand And Customize

What is a white label survey?

If you regularly ask for feedback from customers or run surveys on behalf clients, you’ll want to be in control of the branding your survey audience is exposed to. White labelling removes the Shout logo from your surveys, quizzes and forms. In other words, you have complete brand control.

By delivering a fully branded experience for respondents, you ensure that all feedback is relevant to you or your client and no bias is created by the presence of third-party branding.

White label surveys

All Shout branding will be removed from your surveys, reports and emails.

Custom domain

Display your survey, quiz or form on your own domain. Using our ‘custom domain’ feature.

Custom project links

Customize the code in your project (survey, quiz or form) link with a unique word or phrase

How to customize survey design

1. Pick a theme

Survey Theme Editor

Choose from a range of pre-built standard and seasonal themes for your survey, quiz or form.

2. Customize design

How to Customize Survey Design

Use the theme editor to change colors and fonts, and insert images and videos into your project.

3. Brand your project

Fully Brandable Online Surveys

Create a fully branded experience by adding a logo, removing our branding (white label surveys), using a custom survey link and using a custom domain.

Make surveys your own

Custom exit pages

Customize your exit pages to deliver on-brand messaging to respondents.

Exit page redirect

Redirect respondents to your website or another address after they submit a response.

Website embedding

Embed a questionnaire on your website inline with all your other content.

Duplicate templates

Duplicate projects to reuse their design and create consistency with your audience.

Customize reports

Customize backgrounds, add text, headings and question data for more context and share access.

Dynamic surveys

Projects are responsive across all devices. Whether you’re creating or taking surveys.

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