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Engage your audience and increase ROI with our easy-to-use email marketing software.

Email Marketing Tool For Email Campaigns

Professional email marketing tools with advanced features

Everything you need to create email newsletters, run email marketing campaigns, create content for your business and collect feedback from your contacts.

Drag-and-drop builder

Our easy-to-use email builder allows you create professional emails that work on all devices.

Scheduled campaigns

Plan your emails in advance by scheduling your newsletters, campaigns and promotions for any timezone.

Customizable designs

Choose from a range of email templates and customize their design to align with your brand guidelines.

Team collaboration

Invite colleagues to join your Shout team, share feature access and collaborate on projects together.

Targeted delivery

Segment your contact list into groups based on campaign intent. Ensuring you retain high open rates.

Tracked surveys

Keep track of who has responded to your email surveys and send reminders to those who haven’t.

Your data in a secure environment.

Shout’s email marketing software and other products are fully GDPR compliant and certified by the NCSC.

The protection of your data, including the data of your contacts and respondents, is our highest priority.

We’ve worked hard to ensure our marketing analytics software and each of our other products complies with the GDPR. We have the appropriate procedures in place to make sure your personal data is protected.

Grow and manage your audience

Upload your email lists from Excel and create landing pages to capture leads. Group your audiences based on custom information to make sure you’re reaching the right people or segment them based on campaign metrics, such as open rate or links clicked.

Import your contacts seamlessly

Group contacts for targeted campaigns

Create landing pages to collect email addresses

Grouping and Segmenting Email Lists
Email Campaigns Sent to Contacts

Build engaging email campaigns

Take all the effort out of creating emails with the drag-and-drop builder, manage images and files with the content library and customize email design to match your own branding. Share projects and collaborate with your team to ensure you’re all on the same page.

Customize email designs

Content library

Collaborate on campaigns as a team

Tie all your campaigns together

An email marketing solution for growing your audience, sharing your brand message and informing business growth with feedback and research.

Landing pages

Publish landing pages to support email campaigns, showcase products, offer deals and capture leads. Monitor click-through rates to track the success of your campaign.


Create surveys that work on any device to collect customer feedback, test product concepts, perform employee reviews and source primary data for research.


Engage your audience by creating fun quizzes, test students with online assessments and evaluate employee knowledge. Answers are score automatically and feedback can be automated.


Collect information from the people who matter most to your business. Create forms quickly and easily, whether you're registering guests for an event or asking for consent.

Make sense of your data

Find all your marketing data for a campaign in a single integrated report and create multiple views for a deeper understanding of your audience.

Optimize your
email campaigns

Monitor engagement with your email campaigns with open and click-through data to identify what is and isn’t working.

Dig deeper
into your data

Evaluate customer feedback alongside campaign metrics and segment and compare data sets to identify trends.

Get a 360 view
of your contacts

View survey responses and average engagement rates at the contact level to identify qualified leads in your audience.

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