Release Notes: New and Improved Survey Builder

Shout Feature Update July 2022

What’s new? New and improved survey builder Form tab Improved UI Keyboard shortcuts What’s changed? Add questions to your survey Reordering questions Adding and managing survey pages Managing question and page logic Applying question settings Changing exit page type Moving…

The benefits of data analytics for your business

Benefits Of Business Analytics

Benefits of data analytics in business 1. Better decision-making 2. Personalize the customer experience 3. Retention and loyalty 4. Identification of potential risks 5. Increase the efficiency of work 6. Streamline operations 7. Delivering relevant products 8. Accurate measure of…

5 Ways to Personalize Custom Surveys

Create Custom Surveys

What is a custom survey? 5 Ways you can personalize custom surveys 1. Customize the design of your survey 2. Brand your survey 3. Create custom paths for respondents 4. Personalize survey content 5. Mix up your question types Why…

How Many Questions Should a Survey Have?

How Many Question Should A Survey Have

How many questions should a survey have? How to write the perfect number of questions How many survey questions per page? How long should a survey take to complete? What type of data is collected by survey questions? How do…

How to Create an Interactive Quiz

Create An Interactive Quiz

1. Identify the goal of your interactive quiz 2. Pick a topic for your quiz 3. Write your quiz questions 4. Apply points to your quiz questions 5. Make your quiz design pop 6. Set an outcome for quiz completion…

Survey Question Types (with Examples)

Survey Question Types

What are the different survey question types? Tips for writing survey questions How to choose the right survey question type Wrapping up Asking the right survey question types is essential to collecting valuable insights from your customers. Regardless of how…